Alberta Cowboy Poetry Association

Honouring the History & Tradition of The West with Poems, Songs, and Stories

September 28-30, 2018
1802-9 Ave SE, High River
High River Full Gospel Church

The Alberta Cowboy Poetry Association was established in 1987 to promote and preserve our rich western heritage through cowboy poetry, western music, and story telling.

  • Cowboy Poets
  • Western Singer / Songwriters
  • Cowboy Musicians
  • Country Comedy
  • Cowboy Story Tellers

If you’re looking for good clean Western / Cowboy Entertainment for a private function, gathering or festival, or any kind of event, then you’ve come to the right place. We also find a good selection of CDs, books and DVDs in the General Store on our website.

Our members have entertained at cowboy gatherings, municipal events, western heritage days, stampedes and rodeos, private functions, and many other events. They’ve performed all over the western provinces, in eastern Canada, and several States. Most have produced their own original material, recorded CDs and/or DVDs, and published books. Many have received accolades from cowboy poetry and western music industry leaders.

Weekend Pass: $40 • Friday, day only: Free • Friday evening: $20
Saturday, day only: Free • Saturday Evening: $20 • Saturday Beef Supper: $20

Tickets available at The Museum of the Highwood
Phone: 403-652-7156 or Perry Jacobson, Phone: 403.649.2701

Download Poster in PDF format.

Alberta Cowboy Poetry AssocationIf you’re looking for authentic cowboy entertainment for your event, check out the numerous performers listed. Beside the name will be a letter that denotes what the particular performer does. Here’s what that letter means:

P = Cowboy Poet
M = Musician / Instrumentalist
S = Western Singer
O = Other – comedian, story teller, etc
C = Will do Commissioned Poems and/or Songs

The Alberta Cowboy Poetry Association Entertainers

Jim Beaudoin S
Ken Blacklock P
Ed Brown S M P
Bryce Burnett P
Jesse Colt P
Doris Daley P
Dave Dance P
Alison Demeter S C
Fred Dobirstein S M
Lloyd Dolen S
Doll Sisters S
Miriam Dreher S
Mike Dygert S M
Bud Edgar O P
Charlie Ewing S
Gary Fjellgaard S M
Buddy Gale P
Ron Gale P
John Glawson P
Frank Gleeson P
Jim Green P O
Jim Hamilton P
Sue Harris S
Dale “Doc” Hayes P
Perry Jacobson S
“Diamond” Doug Keith P
Hugh Kelly S M
Larry Krause S
Jackson Mackenzie SMPC
Hugh McLennan PSO
Nora Maidman S
Richard Martin S
Mag Mawhinney P
Richard Mousseau PMSOC
Linda Nadon PMS
Vivia Oliver P
Al Owchar SMPO
Joyce Pallister Bronsch O
Phyllis Rathwell P
Mary Resek P
Robbie Robertson P
Hazel Rust P
Christine Schauer S M
Alice Sinclair S M
Randy and Rai Smith S M
Bryan “Bj” Smith P
J Alvin Speers P
Duane Stewart S M
Vic Stuckey P
Wendy Vaughan P C
Marshall Veal S M P C
The Wardens S M
Harold Webber P
Margaret Wilhelm P
Abe Zacharias S