Inside Out Experience

Whitewater rafting on the Kananaskis and Horseshoe rivers in the Canadian Rockies. Outdoor adventures for all ages and skill levels.

Package adventures are:

Saddle and Paddle

Explore the magnificent Canadian Rockies on horseback! Your adventure begins with a magical 2 hour guided trail ride overlooking the stunning Kananaskis River Valley. Afterwards, enjoy a delicious barbecue lunch at Boundary Ranch before heading to Inside Out Experience for an afternoon of rafting on the Kananaskis river. Spend approximately 2 exhilarating hours on the river surfing, splashing, playing games and paddling through the rapids on professionally guided rafts. Hear stories of past cowboys, outlaws and heroes that roamed the area, or keep your eyes open for the local resident wildlife.


  • BBQ Burger – $189.00, plus GST
    Ranch made burger; Boundary Beans; Caesar Salad; Ranch Baked Pie and Vanilla Ice Cream; Iced Tea
  • BBQ Steak – $195.00, plus GST
    6oz Steak; Baked Potato (sour cream and bacon bits); Boundary Beans; Caesar Salad; Roll; Ranch Baked Pie and Vanilla Ice Cream; Iced Tea

inside out experienceFull day Rafting Kananaskis River & Horseshoe Canyon

A “must do” – enjoy the excitement of rafting on two separate rivers in one day! Warm up on the beautiful Kananaskis River where you will experience class I-III man-made and natural rapids. You will spend approximately 2 hours surfing and paddling as you take in the spectacular scenery of the Kananaskis Valley. There is a swim available if you feel brave enough to try the glacier fed water!
After a delicious BBQ lunch we shuttle you a short 10 minute distance over to Horseshoe Canyon where you will experience the magnificence of this spectacular river with its 200 canyons, thrilling ledges and rapids (class I-IV).

See where Hollywood comes to shoot movies, with its stunning views along the canyon. Feel free to take in our cliff jump during suitable water conditions.


  • Adult (16yrs+): $170 + GST*
  • Youth (12-15 yrs): $150 + GST*
  • Group: $150 + GST* (8 or more people)
    * add $30 per person for Saturdays in July and August

Rafting trips are:

inside out experienceKananaskis River

While ideal for first time rafters and families, the Kananaskis River has enough thrills for even a seasoned whitewater thrill seeker. You will spend approximately 2 hours surfing, paddling and, if you feel brave enough, swimming in this glacial fed river!
Our experienced guides share with you information about the history, flora, fauna, culture and geography of this unique part of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Finish the tour with a bev erage, snack, and indoor change rooms. Sunscreen provided. We also sell DVD’s of your trip, blankets, towels, t-shirts, and other memorabilia.*Min age 5 years and 45lbs

inside out experienceHorseshoe Canyon

A Bow river rafting tour through the Horseshoe Canyon holds some of the best whitewater and largest rapids in Alberta, Canada! A rafting tour through the Horseshoe Canyon is ideal for those who have rafted before, or beginners with a real sense of adventure.
Cliff Jumping during a Horseshoe Canyon tour is for many the highlight of the trip. With two jumps to choose from feel free to stay within your comfort zone (10ft) or step up and push yourself (30 ft).

The Canyons spectacular geology makes the area a favorite place for Hollywood to shoot movies. Our experienced guides provide not just excitement, but interpretive information about the featu

res and history of this amazing and unique area.The minimum age weight for this tour is 12 years a nd 90 lbs.
Participants should have some swimming ability and be comfortable in the water.Tour activities may vary depending on water level.

Inside Out Experience

inside out experience

Survival and Team Building Programs

Survival Challenge

Get your group out of the office and learn some life long skills that can be used through work or in leisure activities. The program can be designed to be competitive or not. The program will emphasize problem solving, communication, trust, adapting to change and evaluating risk. This is the ultimate Inside Out Experience which includes shelter building, navigation, fire starting with matches, stretcher building, plants that can be used for medicinal or edible purposes. Participants must communicate well and work together to solve the challenges they may need to rely on to survive.

Team Building Challenges

Minimun 8 people, prices will be adjusted with groups over 25 people. $85 per person
From trust walks to human juggling we guarantee everyone will have fun while learning/enhancing their team building
skills You will complete tasks in large groups and in small teams in timed events, we have a large variety of challenges
that we put together to meet your team’s goals,

Survival Skills Program

Minimum 8 people, prices will be adjusted with groups over 25 people. $85 per person
This program can be designed to be competitive or relaxed. We use these skills to emphasize problem solving,
communication, trust, adapting to change and evaluating risk. Activities can include lighting a fire without matches,
navigation, stretcher building and plants that can be used for medicinal purposes.

Rafting Chase

Minimum 8 people, prices will be adjusted with groups over 25 people. $95 per person
Raft down the Kananaskis River while working as a team to complete different tasks in a competitive manor. Participants
are required to use skills of communication, decision making,effective planning, and problem solving which helps
develope and maintain team relationships. This program is run with a trained professional guide in the boat at all times
and can only be booked between mid May to Late September.

Combination and Customized Packages

Please contact us for all special requests and further details.
We are able to tailor the day to best suit your needs. Whether it is to develope team cohesion, get individuals thinking
outside the box or to just have fun, we can provide just the right experience for your team, Many of our events can be
combined with hikes, mountain biking trip, horseback riding, or white water rafting. We also offer BBQ meals.

Inside Out Experience

Inside Out Experience