Original Bragg Creek Trading Post

Historic Trading Post, Authentic Native Crafts, Moccasins, Mukluks, Genuine Cowichan Knitwear.

Bragg Creek Trading PostIt was T.J. Elsdon, known to all as Jack, who started a trucking business and store to serve the area as early as 1932. Though not the first store by any means, it has outlasted the other by many decades.

The building which houses the Bragg Creek Trading Post is located beside the historic Stoney Trail which winds its way through the foothills. This was a well-travelled north-south route used by the Stoney Indians from the Morley area. Many a camp was made on the river bank upstream from the store as they traded their furs and buckskins from items such as bacon, flour, baking powder, moccasin rubbers, yard goods, beads, and ammunition. This trade along with providing the local ranchers with groceries, gasoline, and hardware was the lifeline of the store. Even today a good portion of the Post’s activities come from these two groups of people, with the additional business of the commuters and the ever-increasing tourist trade.

Business as usual at the Trading Post is indeed a unique shopping experience. Where else can you try on genuine moccasins, mukluks or mitts or a native knit Cowichan sweater around the warmth of a trusty wood stove amidst the aroma of freely tanned hides. Where else can you have the chance experience of meeting the native artists who bring their crafts in to trade or sell, or listen in on the locals discussing the latest issues of the area as you peruse all the other unusual and beautiful offerings?

THE TRADING POST has been operating continuously since 1927 and 85 of those years in the same family. To this day the essence of the Trading Post is truly a unique shopping experience with genuine hospitality and a subtle mingling of the old and the new.

Located at 117 White Ave in Bragg Creek. Phone:(403)949-3737

Bragg Creek Trading Post