Erbn Green Cannabis Co.

Cannabis For Curious Minds

ERBN Green is a privately owned, female-founded, cannabis retail experience serving adults curious to explore how cannabis can expand their horizons. We appeal to your innate tension to be on trend without taking undue risks. We welcome you to explore with us the wide spectrum of cannabis related products that seamlessly fit into a modern, functional way of living.

You should feel safe and confident throughout your journey – and our approach will let you experience exactly that. Our collective of urban explorers believe change is inevitable and that curiosity feeds the soul. To the newbies and the experts. To the first timers and the not-in-a-whiles. To the skeptics and curious, welcome to a place that demystifies the cannabis experience. There is no better time to unearth the benefits of cannabis after all – Canada’s cannabis revolution has just begun.

There are two elements to Erbn Green, one we call Modern Market and the other we call Cannabis Co. The vision of our company is a seamless integration of cannabis and culture into your life. Whether it’s your first time, or your first time in a long time, we are so excited to share your journey.

305 Main Ave W, Sundre, Alberta